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Alexandra Maxwell

Hometown: Metamora, MI

“I am a lifelong yogi and obtained my 200 hour certification right here in Marquette at Tulivesi Yoga in 2017. I came to yoga and meditation as a little girl dealing with anxiety. I have spent a life in gratitude for the centering effect of a focused breath. I love that yoga allows us to look our challenges and growth square in the eyes while also encouraging acceptance of our present circumstances. Yoga offers a constant practice of going within to center, in order to go out and be in the world with grace and humility. I seek to offer my students all that I have found within a consistent yoga practice; strength, self-love, empathy and endless opportunities to let go of what does not serve us. I hope to offer all that join me on their mats a practice that pushes you past your own expectations and allows a little more room for self-love.”

Training: 200 Hour RYS TULIVESI Yoga, Marquette, MI 2017