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Connor Ryan

Hometown: Clarkston, MI

“Yoga is the unity of all things, yoga is finding that yoga in life. It has helped me connect the mind body
and spirit. I had to lose everything to truly see that all truth and peace comes from within. This journey
began when I was 17 and began working in the fitness industry. As a former wrestler, I discovered
passion for helping others see their fullest potential and in doing so, I found mine. In 2017, I began
cleaning Tulivesi on the side while personal training. This is when I discovered the beautiful community
and practice in Marquette. I am a Yoga instructor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition coach, High school
Wrestling Coach, Avid Biker, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, and Rock Climber.

As a lifelong promoter of health, yoga is impossible to ignore. My life got completely overhauled
January 1, 2018. That December I was working my “dream job”, as a strength and conditioning
coach I was working with over 75 athletes every day. I was maintaining a 3.75 GPA as a senior in
the Health/Fitness program at Northern Michigan University. I had fun on the weekends with
hundreds of young people in Marquette. Yet amidst all this so called “success”, something was
missing. I took a step back and realized that I was just trying to fit into some box labeled success.
This box was not one I had ever imagined for myself, I was letting the influence of my peers,
colleagues, and family members dictate my path. My ego told me I was happy because I had the
status, but I decided after looking up at the sky one morning, looking at myself in the mirror that I
would take my own journey. Realizing that nothing in life is permanent, I quit my “dream job” and
withdrew from classes. I began the “Daily Yoga Pursuit” and started a podcast. 3 months later I
started my own fitness company; Unity Human Performance. I did this to take a chance on myself, to
create my own authentic path. It is very clear that yoga is extremely beneficial to mental and physical
performance in life and in athletics. Becoming a yoga instructor has been something I’ve wanted to
do since I came to Marquette to study human health in 2014. Now the opportunity is here and I’m not
going to let anybody or any job stand in the way of what I feel in my heart is right. This journey is one
that has already taught me so much more about life and myself than any classroom ever could. I am
proud to be a part of such a positive community even if it started with folding towels.”

Connor graduates from NMU with a Management of Health/Fitness degree May 2019

Training:  200 RYT Minnesota Power Yoga, Level One Precision Nutrition Coach (Pn1), NSCA Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS), Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS), Certified Group Fitness Instructor (YMCA) , Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach (USAW), Bachelor in Science from Northern Michigan University: Management of Health/Fitness 2019, AHA Certified Basic Life Support, First Aid, and Certified Lifeguard. Connor starts TULIVESI Yoga 200 Hour teacher training April 2019.