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Kati Kattelus

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

“In the first year of college Fall of 2015, it was my first year on my own, first time living away from home, and first time living in a large city, I felt lost. What I thought I wanted to be and do wasn’t matching up with who I was, and I wasn’t even really sure who I was. I became very aware of my own self sabotaging habits but didn’t have the tools to change them. That was when I found yoga at Yoga State in East Lansing, I started going to student discounted classes and then by spring I was going almost everyday. It was my salvation, my return to myself and where I felt at home in being. I’ve continued to practice since then and use yoga as a tool for my mind, body, and spirit. I transferred to NMU fall of 2017 and fell in love with Marquette. I became certified to teach yoga through a Functional Power Yoga Program in Maui, HI August of 2018 and I’ve been teaching in Marquette since then. My intention in teaching yoga is to give people the tools to heal themselves and to feel whole. If I’m not teaching yoga, I’m probably dancing, making art or cooking vegan food.”


200 Hour RYS Full Circle School of Yoga & Intuitive Arts, Maui, HI. Introduction to Reiki atĀ Full Circle School of Yoga & Intuitive Arts.