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Lori Jokinen

Hometown: Negaunee, MI


“In the past, that meant pushing my body beyond my edge whether in yoga or some other fitness class. The mental discipline had to be tough and strong as well. At that time, something felt off with my life and my practice.

Today, strength means believing in me. I do not push past my edge when practicing yoga. I do see my edge growing all the time in a healthy accessible way. I surrender to where I am in the pose at that moment, breathing deeply and relaxing my mind. By blending ease and challenge in my practice, my body is strong and I feel powerful. I don’t resist the pose, and I don’t resist what occurs in my practice or in my life. By resisting the pose or events in my life, I hurt. Breathing deeply while holding Warrior II Pose and surrendering to the moment has enabled me to see my practice as the beautiful flow it was meant to be. I am not competing with anyone and I am not competing with some lofty expectation on how my poses or practice should look. When I am off my mat, I do not resist what is and find a way to flow with that as well.   Some days I do forget and flow backwards and then I remember what I have learned and I begin again.

I teach what I have learned. I teach what works for me. This power yoga is about finding your own inner power — to be calm in the sometimes storms of life, and mostly to find love and kindness towards You.”

Trainings: Certified Baptiste Instructor from the Baptiste Institute. Level One, Two, Three, and Art of Assisting with Baptiste. 200 Hour RYS with Debra Wilson, YOD Level One and Two Certified. Continued workshops with Baron Baptiste; Baptiste Power Yoga Global Summit 2019.