Finnish Translation.

[‘tuli] tu.li. n. fire
[‘vesi] ve.si. n. water

TULIVESI was dreamt up on a sunny San Diego adventure,
over drinks, laughs, and yoga shop talk.
The name stuck.

TULIVESI Yoga is Marquette’s first heated studio dedicated to Vinyasa Yoga. Rooted in the elements of fire and water, vinyasa practice generates your own heat, also known as tapas, to fuel your body through practice. Meanwhile, you’ll flow like water incorporating a sense of ease, balancing the yin with the yang.

Our mission is to empower you to live to your fullest self. At TULIVESI Yoga we seek to provide a safe, clean, comfortable space where your physical practice will move you both on and off your mat!


Breathe. Move. Sweat. Empower. Vinyasa.