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    all level yoga

    All-level Vinyasa

    A fun and invigorating class creatively linking breath to pose. This energizing class is set to music that allows you to explore your own personal level no matter where you are in your yoga journey. From modifications to arm balances, no two classes are alike allowing you to find freedom as you move and sweat. … More

    Power Flow 60, 75, 90

    Inspired by the Baptiste Methodology Journey Into Power, this balanced practice focuses on breath, strength, and taking you into your personal power moving through a complete balanced series forward folds standing postures, twists, inversions, and backbends. Move and be moved in this heated class accessible for all levels. No music, feel the heat from your … More

    Mellow Vinyasi

    Mellow Vinyasa

    Connect deeper by moving to a slower moving vinyasa flow, linking breath to pose. The extra time and attention allows for a deeper awareness of the breath and alignment of the posture intended to increase stability, flexibility, and strength set to music. Heated and Non-Heated class options.  

    snow meditation


    This class will explore and focus on the Ancient Art of Meditation. Learn to observe your thoughts; integrate the wisdom/lessons they offer; modify thought patterns to re-program your reality, and still your mind for clarity and autonomic nervous system repair. Those new to meditation learn the skills to take conscious control of your reality, and … More

    Dynamic Power Flow

    Dynamic Power Flow

    This dynamic 45 minute class will get your breath dialed for a flowing meditation in movement! Leave energized in this in this continuous vinyasa class inspired from the traditional Baptiste Power Flow, Journey Into Power, start to finish moving one breath for half of the class, and then move into slower stretches the second half … More

    Power Beats -UNcensored-

    Crank it up to your not your average yoga class…this heated class will get you moving and sweating to the Power Flow with a fun uplifting, errr possibly uncensored playlist 😉 Let loose, have fun, find play and move to the music for Friday Night Happy Hour. Room heated to 85-90 degrees. *class not suitable … More

    parent child hand in hand

    Parent/Child Yoga

    No mobile phones. No iPads. No television. No other place to be than an evening to spend happy and healthy quality time together with you and your child! In a world where parents and children are taken over by jobs, school, sports, and extracurricular activities, there can easily be a disconnect. Get connected through role … More


    YOD also known as YOUR Own Determination, was designed to create total body awareness and integration by moving with intention through all planes of motion and notice how our emotions limit or enhance our movement. Every class will begin with yoga from the Power Sequence to warm up the body, followed by integration to set … More