Studio Etiquette

We ask EVERYONE to help us provide a beautiful place to practice by:

  • Be open: show up for the experience and be open to the possibilities.
  • Be on time: plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to get acclimated to the warmth, and use our trigger point balls and foam rollers to get prepared for class. Doors to the studio will be locked at the start of class to ensure safety of personal items.
  • Sign in: register at the front desk before rolling your mat out
  • Use the cubbies: remove socks, shoes, and anything else you don’t need for practice before entering the studio. That includes cell phones, wallets, keys, etc. Get unplugged.
  • Keep conversations to the lobby: we love building community and fostering relationships, however we ask that you keep your conversations in the lobby. We use the studio space as a designated meditation space to begin to unravel from our busy lives.
  • Respect your fellow classmates: please refrain from talking during class and keeping those conversations for before or after class.
  • Stay fresh: please wear clean and laundered clothing free of perfume or scents to practice. Once again, your fellow classmates will appreciate this!
  • Follow the teacher: trust the teacher to lead you through an amazing experience. Doing your own poses and sequences is great for home practice, but can be distracting and confusing to new students in the room. We do, however, encourage you to take any modifications you need by listening to your body.
  • Clean up: if you borrowed a mat, please use the mat spray cleaner in the back of the room and hang your mat to dry.
  • Consent cards: we want everyone to feel comfortable during class. Hands on adjustments can be beneficial and therapeutic to your practice, but we respect your practice. Please ask the instructor for a consent card at the front desk if you choose not to be assisted.
  • Remember it is not a competition: we have plenty of places to be competitive in our lives. Yoga is our place to detach from that! Your practice is exactly that – YOUR practice.